Classification of lawn mowers.


According to different division standards, lawnmowers can have the following divisions:

1, Acording to the marching points: intelligent semi-automatic towing type, after implementation type, mount type, tractor suspension type.

2, According to power: human animal drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive.

3, According to the way: hob type, rotary knife type, side hanging, swinging knife type.

4, According to the requirements of points: flat type, half waist type, cut top type.

The hand-held rotary lawn mower is generally equipped with a knifeless cutting disc, the use of high-strength nylon rope as a grass cutting component, flexible structure, not afraid to encounter rigid obstacles, the use is relatively safe, and the replacement is also very convenient.

The working mode of the mower is reciprocating and rotating, and its high efficiency of mowing greatly saves time, and realizes the function of green environmental protection and beautifying the environment. The operation is simple, convenient and efficient, so it is widely used. Small machine, suitable for small and medium-sized lawn. The use of lawnmower should be based on the requirements to determine the stubble height after cutting the grass, which is very convenient to use.

Grass can only be clipped sideways along the slope, not down the slope. Modern mowers are much easier to operate.

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