Sowing Machine Granular considerations.


1, Before use, check the seed parts for defects, there is no foreign matter in the seed box, and oil the parts that need to be injected;

2, Spring sowing should be prepared before the fragile mechanical parts, so as not to delay the sowing, delay the farming time. The seeds must be dry and clean, and do not include debris such as straw and stones, so as not to block the discharge port and affect the sowing quality. When precision sowing, seeds should be strictly selected, otherwise it will affect the quality of sowing.

3, Do a single port flow test to ensure that the sowing amount is accurate;

4. Prepare for sowing. When sowing, we should grasp the sowing, turning, operation and other matters, sowing machinery in the operation to avoid stopping, must stop, in order to prevent the "broken bar" phenomenon, the seeder should be raised, back a distance, and then sowing. To lower the seeder, the tractor should be carried out in slow motion.

5. When starting the operation, the hydraulic control handle should be placed in the floating position.

6. Pay attention to safety during operation to prevent safety accidents;

7, the maintenance of machinery and cleaning debris should be carried out when the unit is parked and stable.

8. When stopping for adjustment, the machine power should be cut off.

9, The machine is not allowed to go backwards or turn in the working state.

10, Before the unit turns or long-distance transportation, the seeder should be raised to cut off the power of the seed.

11, The machine should observe the operation of the seeder at any time during the operation, especially pay attention to whether the seeding device is seeding, and whether the seeding pipe is blocked; Whether there are enough seeds in the seed box. When sowing seeds mixed with pesticides, seeding personnel should wear gloves, masks, goggles and other protective tools. The remaining seeds should be disposed of in a timely and proper manner, and must not be dumped or thrown about everywhere, so as to avoid polluting the environment and causing harm to humans and animals.

12. Clean the seeder after use, and butter the chain and other parts to prevent rust.

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