An introduction to Wheel Rake.


The rake is an important operation process before the baling machine picks up baling. The rake can hug a number of straw thrown by the combine into a grass strip about 1 meter wide, which greatly improves the efficiency of the baling machine. Grass can also play a role in the drying of straw or grass, speeding up the evaporation of water faster.

The finger-pan rake is a product carefully created according to different crops, different seasons and different working environments in recent years. The design of the whole machine is higher, which is obviously different from most similar products on the market, effectively preventing the blockage phenomenon when the thicker grass is held. The whole ruler adopts imported high-quality materials, the elasticity of the ruler is better, and the ruler is not easy to deform and damage, and the soil is less.

Finger disk rake features:

1. The chassis of the whole machine design is higher, which effectively prevents the blockage phenomenon when the thicker grass is held.

2. The whole ruler plate adopts imported high-quality materials;

3. The elasticity of the strip is better, it is not easy to deformation and damage, and the soil is less.

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