The introduction of air-driven spray machine.


Main feature

1. Large capacity of liquid medicine tank, long spraying time, high working efficiency. Atomization is good.

2. The liquid pump of the spray machine adopts multi-cylinder diaphragm pump with large displacement and reliable operation.

3. Can achieve constant, low capacity and ultra-low capacity and other forms of spray.

4. Spray rod adopts pull rod rotary disc folding mechanism, the lifting, expansion and folding of spray rod can be controlled by operating hydraulic cylinder in the cab, easy to operate and labor-saving.

5. The spray liquid pump on the machine can be used directly to add water to the medicine liquid tank, and the water pipeline is connected with the spray machine by a quick connector, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble.

6. Spray piping system has multi-level filtration to ensure that nozzles will not be blocked during operation.

7. The liquid in the liquid tank is stirred by the backwater jet, which can ensure the consistent concentration of the liquid during the spray operation.

8. When working, the water is purified by precipitation, transmitted to the fan mouth, and atomized particles are ejected through the orderly arrangement of the nozzle on the fan mouth. Not only the structure is simple, the dust removal coverage is large, the dust removal effect is good, and the water quality requirements are low, you can directly use rainwater and other recycled water, thus greatly reducing the input cost.

Scope of application

1. Agricultural pest control; Fruit garden, etc.,

2. Environmental dust removal at construction sites and demolition sites to reduce dust pollution; Water DAMS, road Bridges and other dust cooling.

3. Dust pollution control of coal preparation plant, mining area, coal storage yard, port coal yard, power plant, steel plant, coke and so on.

4. Large area disinfection and epidemic prevention after garbage dumps and natural disasters.

5. Rapid killing of locusts and prevention and control of diseases and pests of large areas of agriculture and forestry network protection forest, fast-growing poplar forest, economic forest, green belt on both sides of highways, urban street trees and other tall trees.

6. Good at complex terrain operations in the field, fully applicable to various operating environments in towns and villages, with high air volume, high wind pressure and wet fog forest fire fighting effect.

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