Lawn Drum Mower

Lawn Drum Mower

The Lawn drum mower is a type of manual lawn mower that uses a cylinder with multiple blade systems to cut the grass. Shuoxin is China manufacturer and supplier who mainly produces Lawn drum mower with many years of experience.

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Product Description

Hebei Shuoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading agricultural machinery manufacturing company that produces a range of quality products, including the innovative Lawn Drum Mower.

What is a Lawn Drum Mower?

A Lawn Drum Mower is a simple machine designed to cut grass in gardens, parks, and other lawn areas. The cutting mechanism components include the blade reel, cutter bar, and roller, which work together to mow the grass evenly.

Product parameter

Number of Drum
2 2
Number of Knives
6 6
Working Width(m
1.35 1.65
289 300
Iron Cover
Matched Power(HP)
20-50 9

Features and Benefits

1.High-Quality Cutting Performance: The Lawn Drum Mower's cutting reel has several blades that can rotate around the fixed bar, ensuring a tidy cut.

2. Durable and Sturdy: The mower's body is manufactured from top-quality metal materials, so it can last many years of use.

3. User-Friendly Design: The Lawn Drum Mower is simple to operate, and it does not emit any pollution or noise, making it eco-friendly.

4. Low Maintenance Requirements: This machine only requires minimal maintenance to keep it in good working condition, making it easy to care for.

The Lawn Drum Mower is a highly recommended lawn care machine from Hebei Shuoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Its durability, cutting performance, and eco-friendly design make it an ideal machine to use for residential and commercial lawn maintenance.  It is an efficient and reliable tool that can help you maintain your lawn without any hassle.  Order your Lawn Drum Mower today and enjoy its benefits!

Factory Showcase

At Shuoxin, quality is of utmost importance. The company has implemented strict quality control measures at every stage of production. From raw materials to finished products, Shuoxin ensures that every component meets its rigorous standards.

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