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Rotary Drum Mower

At the heart of the Rotary Drum Mower is our unique rotary drum system. This design allows for precision cutting and an even distribution of clippings, ensuring that your fields stay healthy and productive.

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Product Description

Our Rotary Drum Mower comes packed with a range of features that make it stand out from other mowers on the market.  Here are just a few of the features that make our product unique:

1.  High Cutting Capacity:

Thanks to the large and robust rotary drum, our mower has a high cutting capacity making it possible to cut large swaths of grass in a shorter time.

2.  Sturdy Build:

Our Rotary Drum Mower is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring that it can withstand the harshest terrain and environmental conditions.  It is made of a sturdy steel frame and aluminum components, making it strong and lightweight.

3.  Adjustable Cutting Height:

With an adjustable cutting height of up to 6 inches, you can customize the way you cut your grass to make it look exactly how you want it.

4.  Easy to Maneuver:

Our mower comes with a swivel hitch that makes it easy to attach and detach from different types of vehicles.  If you need to switch between different machines, it is quick and easy to do so.

5.  Low Maintenance:

Our Rotary Drum Mower is designed to be low maintenance, saving you time and money.  It requires minimal servicing, and with ongoing maintenance, you can expect it to last for years.

Uses of Rotary Drum Mower

Our mower is perfect for a wide range of applications.  From commercial fields to residential lawns, it can tackle any job you throw its way.  Here are some of the most common applications of our mower:

1.  Lawn Care:

Our mower is perfect for maintaining a beautiful lawn on your property.  It can mow large areas in a short time while also achieving a clean and well-manicured look.

2.  Harvesting:

If you have a small plot, our mower can be used as a harvesting tool, particularly for harvesting hay and forage crops.

3.  Field Fencing:

Our mower can be used to manage fields by clearing weed and brush, making it easy to install fences.

Rotary Drum Mower is the ideal tool for any job that requires cutting grass.  With its high cutting capacity, sturdy build, adjustable cutting height, and low maintenance, it's a product worth investing in.  Whether you're a homeowner or commercial property owner, our mower can help you maintain a beautiful and well-maintained space with ease.

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