Towing Rotary Hay Rake
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Towing Rotary Hay Rake

Find a huge selection of towing rotary Hay rake from China at Shuoxin. It has simple structure, convenient operation, reliable use, few faults, high efficiency and good work quality. Easy maintenance and good power support performance.

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Product Description

As a professional high quality towing rotary Hay rake manufacturers, you can rest assured to buy towing rotary Hay rake from Shuoxin and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Rotary rakes are available in rotary and spring type. During operation, the rake is hauled forward by the tractor and driven by the power output shaft.

It is controlled by a fixed cam installed in the middle, and rotates around the central axis, so as to complete actions such as weeding and grass removal.

The rotary spring rake is equipped with a plurality of spring teeth around a rotating part, and the spring teeth are opened by a centrifugal force to carry out the sward operation.

If you change the mounting angle of the spring tooth, you can do the grassing work.

The rotary grass rakes have loose grasses, low loss of pasture, light pollution, and operating speeds of up to 12 to 18 km/h, making them easy to pick up with the picking equipment.

Peculiarity of Towing Rotary Hay Rake

It adopts three-point suspension, powered by the spline shaft output from the front tractor, and transmits the power through the telescopic spline shaft.

It can be started or stopped at will to improve applicability.

Eliminate the effects of wind. Facilitates the passage of dust.

Towing Rotary Hay Rake has simple structure, convenient operation, reliable use, few faults, high efficiency and good work quality. Easy maintenance and good power support performance.

This machine is multi-purpose and has three functions: raking, spreading, and reversing.

The rotary rake has multiple functions such as grass flushing, smoothing, reverse drying and moving.

It can be used to integrate clean and regular pasture, with shorter pasture travel distance, reduced pasture quantity and loss of grass, and to obtain higher nutritional content, in line with the concept of modern animal husbandry feeding.

The horizontal rotary rake mainly consists of a suspension device, a walking wheel, a rake tooth, a collecting baffle and a speed reducer. During work, the power is provided by the tractor's power output shaft. Its working principle is: the power is transmitted to the speed change gear box through the universal joint transmission shaft, through the first-stage bevel gear deceleration, the rotation of the rotating disk shaft, the rotating disk and the walking The vertical axis of the wheel device is fixed in the gear box body by means of bolts and small round nuts. The jaw tooth assembly is fixed on the turntable by means of a rake tooth seat on the turntable. When the turntable rotates, the rake tooth arm rotates with the rotation of the turntable, thereby realizing pasture.

There is a turntable at the lower end of the rotary rake reducer. The turntable has 6 rake arms evenly distributed along the circumference. The rake teeth are fixed on the turntable. A pair of spring-loaded rake tines is fixed to the end of each rake arm. When the rake is working, the power of the rake tooth arm is provided by the turntable, and the rake tooth arm is rotated by the turntable, thereby achieving a rake-rake operation.

There is an A adjustment handle on the upper part of the loading plate (as shown in the picture). Lift the handle and rotate the turntable to adjust the angle of the squid strips. Different angles have different functions, allowing the machine to perform different functions, including mowing, flattening, sun exposure, migration, etc.

The 9GLZ series is suitable for hanging on the three-point hitch of wheeled tractors. The working part is a hugging finger plate through which the machine sequentially turns until a loose, ventilated grass strip is formed. The width of the blade can be adjusted by changing the angle of the fingerboard. The squatting teeth are long teeth made of spring steel, which have good combing effect and strong copying performance. The holding teeth form a radial structure on the hub, which can eliminate the influence of wind and facilitate the passage of dust. The tension spring can be used to control the pressure of the finger plate on the ground, and the tension adjustment plate can be adjusted according to the conditions of the crop and the ground. When transporting, the fingers can be transferred to the rear of the tractor.

This towing rotary hay rake has simple structure, easy operation, reliable use, few faults, high efficiency and good working quality. Easy maintenance and good power support performance. And not only can it be placed on the grass, it can also be turned over in the sun (the entire grass can be re-paved). This machine is used in conjunction with the lawn mower produced by our factory. The three grass strips formed by the cutting width can be integrated into one uniform grass strip to facilitate subsequent baling operations.

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