PTO Shaft for Agricultural Machinery
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PTO Shaft for Agricultural Machinery

Find a huge selection of PTO shaft for agricultural machinery from China at Shuoxin. The product has a wide range of uses and is mainly suitable for agricultural tractors, mini-tillers, rotary tillers, seeders, fertilizer spreaders, lawn mowers, balers, lawn mowers, straw balers, etc.

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Product Description

Shuoxin is PTO shaft for agricultural machinery manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale PTO shaft for agricultural machinery.

With protective cover.

strong and sturdy.

Professional welding.

Professional transmission and overall integration.

The pto shaft for agricultural machinery has a wide range of uses.

Special drive shaft for agricultural machinery, easy operation, longer life, higher efficiency and high-quality service.

Special transmission shaft for agricultural machinery. Machinery coordination work.

Made with care: Seiko machinery, high-quality raw materials, carefully crafted a high-quality forged agricultural machinery drive shaft

Special transmission shaft: Mechanical coordination works to reduce accidents, small transmission inertia, large adjustment angle

Corrosion-resistant accessories: uniform hardness and wear resistance, professional welding, overall heat treatment, overall integration

Durable: The perm head is made of aluminum alloy, the good quality is visible, and the selected materials greatly extend the service life.

Scenarios of application: numerous types of agricultural machinery transmission shafts. The items are widely utilized and are mostly appropriate for agricultural tractors, mini-tillers, rotary tillers, seeders, fertilizer spreaders, lawn mowers, balers, lawn mowers, and straw balers, amongst other things.

Peculiarity of pto shaft for agricultural machinery

1. When using implements and drive trains, do not exceed speed or power limits specified in the operator's manual. Do not overload the implement or suddenly engage the PTO clutch. Any torque limiter or clutch must be installed on the implement end of the drive train. The implement may only be used with the original drive train which is suitable for the purpose in terms of length, dimensions, safety devices and guards.

2. All rotating parts must be shielded. The main tractor guard, driveline guard and implement guard work together to keep you safe. Do not operate without all driveline, tractor and implement guards installed. Before using the power train, damaged or missing parts must be repaired or replaced with original spare parts. Both ends of the drive train must be firmly connected. The guard must rotate freely on the drive train.

3. Before starting the tractor, make sure the drive train is securely attached to the tractor and implement. Check that all of the fixing screws are securely fastened.

4. Keep away from the operating area, and no revolving parts. Wear no loose clothing, jewelry, or hair that could become caught in the driveline. Contact with moving parts might cause significant injury or even death.

5. Before approaching the implement or performing maintenance work, disconnect the PTO, shut down the tractor engine and remove the key.

6. Illuminate the drive train operating area when operating at night or in low visibility conditions.

7. Keep the drive train level during operation to prevent the two halves from sliding apart, which could cause personal injury or damage to the guard. Use appropriate means to transport heavy drive trains.

8. Telescopic tubes must overlap at least 1/2 of their length during normal operation and at least 1/3 of their length under all operating conditions. During maneuvering, when the drivetrain is not rotating, the telescopic tubes must have appropriate overlap to keep the tubes aligned and allow them to slide freely.

9. The tractor must be coupled to the implement and positioned so that the angles of the joints are minimal and equal.

10. If the angle is too large or inconsistent, detach the PTO.

11. Connect the drive train guard restraint device (chain). Best results are obtained when the chain is attached almost perpendicular to the driveline guard. Adjust the length of the chain so there is enough slack to allow full movement of the drive train during cornering, maneuvering and transport. Avoid excessive slack, which may cause the chain to roll around the drive train.

12. Clean and lube the tractor PTO and implement shaft before installing the power train.

13. Never use safety chains to support the power train while it is being stored. Always use the implement's stand.


Slide the yoke onto the PTO and insert the bolt and tighten to the correct torque


Choose the correct shear pin length in such a way as to minimize protrusion.


This device prevents transmission of inertial loads from implement to the tractor during deceleration or stopping of the PTO Keep clear of the implement until all parts have stopped moving. Lubricate every 50hours of use and after storage.


This device interrupts the transmission of power when the torque exceeds the setting. Immediately disengage the PTO when ratcheting sounds are heard. Lubricate every 50 hours of use and after storage.


This device interrupts the transmission of power by shearing a bolt when the torque exceeds the setting. Replace the sheared bolt with the same diameter, length and grade as the original. Lubricate the SB with grease fitting at least once every season and after a period of disuse.


Limits torque transmission to the setting value. Do not change spring compression as this will modify the device setting.

The torque setting is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the height of the springs. To increase/decrease the torque setting tighten/loosen the eight nuts by 1/4 of a turn and check for correct operation. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Avoid excessive tightening of the bolts-implement, tractor, or driveline damage may occur.

Two kinds of plastic safety guard are with the same assembly.


PTO shafts used in agricultural machinery require regular lubrication. As stated above, grease drive train shaft components every hour.


1. Remove the outer tube from the plastic cone by unlocking the buckles with a screwdriver.

2. Remove the bearing from the yoke's groove.

3. Repeat the previous procedures on the opposite side.


1. Assemble the cone with guard.

2. Lubricate the grooves on the yoke.

3. Slide the bearing into the groove.

4. Align the bearing with the plastic cover.

Reduce the length of the driving shaft:

No changes to our goods are recommended. Changes to the equipment may result in a dangerous situation and void the manufacturer's warranty.

1. Take off the shield.

2. Reduce the length of the inboard and outboard drive tubes to the desired length. Cut drive tube into equal lengths from the inside and outside, shortening one piece at a time.

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