Blade Powered Rotary Tiller Cultivator
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Blade Powered Rotary Tiller Cultivator

Find a huge selection of Blade Powered Rotary Tiller Cultivator from China at Shuoxin. Rotary tillers are suitable for dry land and paddy fields. This is a cultivator that is used with a tractor to complete plowing and raking operations. It is widely used due to its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after plowing.

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Product Description

As a professional high quality Blade Powered Rotary Tiller Cultivator manufacturers, you can rest assured to buy Blade Powered Rotary Tiller Cultivator from Shuoxin and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Rotary tillers are used in landscaping applications to break and crush soil, mix compost or other ingredients into existing soil, and stabilize and level existing topography.

The blade powered rotary tiller cultivator is appropriate for both dry and paddy areas. It is a tillage machine that works in tandem with a tractor to perform tillage and harrowing activities. It has been widely utilized because to its strong soil crushing capacity and flat surface after plowing; at the same time, it can cut the root stubble hidden below the surface, which is advantageous for the planter's operation and gives a good seed bed for subsequent planting.

The tractor's output shaft powers the Rotary Tiller. The soil is crushed during operation by the spinning and forwarding of the blades attached to the shaft. It can also be used for shallow tilling and coating on Stalinized soil to prevent salt buildup. The machine will clean stubbles and weeds, spin and spread green fertilizer, and prepare vegetable fields, among other tasks.

1、Rotary tillage depth 100-150mm

2、Bi-directional tilling

3、Double edge replaceable tines

4、Hood design resists jamming





1. At the beginning of the operation, the rotary cultivator should be in the lifting state, firstly combine the power output shaft to increase the speed of the cutter shaft to the rated speed, and then lower the rotary cultivator to make the blades gradually into the soil to the required depth. It is strictly forbidden to combine the power output shaft or descend the rotary cultivator sharply after the blade enters the soil to avoid bending or breaking the blade and increasing the load on the tractor.

2. During the operation, the speed should be as low as possible, so that the quality of the operation can be ensured, the soil can be finely broken, and the wear of the mechanical parts can be reduced. Pay attention to whether there are noises or metal percussions from the rotary tiller, and observe the condition of broken soil and tillage depth. If there is any abnormality, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection, and the operation can be continued after trouble

Heavy-duty rotary tiller 3-point linkage.

Working Width And Symmetrical Mounting Structure Enable Good Soil Leveling And Covering.

The blades are made of high-quality special steel that is both strong and resistant to wear.

Side Gear drive

Universal three point hitch

Safety guards

Features of Blade Powered Rotary Tiller Cultivator:

1. Suitable for tractors rated between 25 and 50 horsepower. Using full robot welding, which is lighter in weight yet more robust.

2. The side has a more powerful gear gearbox. The gear is formed via one-time precision forging, and the internal structure is stronger.

3. Under the sturdy steel casing of the rotary tiller, which is up to 1/4 inch high, a laser balance shaft is installed with a flange distance of 10 inches, and each flange is equipped with 6 specially designed blades.

4. The blades are constructed of boron steel and can be replaced or reground separately with the PTO shaft, which has a friction clutch.

5. The rotary tiller's height-adjustable rear cover provides a smooth finish to the loosened soil and is an important safety element.

Three point linkage

Thickened fuselage

High quality

Fast and efficient

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